As a system integration provider in Malaysia, we partnered up with CONTROLLINO which was the first ARDUINO compatible software open-source PLC (programmable logic controller). 

CONTROLLINO is the ultimate PLC choice for makers, education and many other industries.


CONTROLLINO is being used all around the world, from small projects to complex industrial automation projects. From controlling your home shutters to collecting data in production plants. 


CONTROLLINO does it all!  



Small yet mighty! Your best entry to the world of CONTROLLINO


The perfect choice for most projects. The MAXI is our record-breaker PLC.

MAXI Automation

Specifically made for the needs of automation specialists.


With a myriad of in- & outputs. The MEGA is the giant!  

Comparison of CONTROLLINO Models


Amazing size to I/O-ratio

CONTROLLINO MINI has amazing size with so many in- and outputs.
The MINI has 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 
The MEGA offers
21 inputs and 40 outputs.

Directly switch 230V circuits

In addition to
2A @ 12V/24V outputs, CONTROLLINO also has 230V/6A relay outputs. Which you can directly switch circuits up to 6A without the need of external relays

Current handling capabilites

CONTROLLINO MEGA is able to handle a total current up to 30A.




Programming your CONTROLLINO is as easy as programming Arduino board. CONTROLLINO is basically a clone of Arduino. All you need to do is to change the input and output names of your existing programmes.

Click the following button to know more on how to programme your CONTROLLINO and find out more on the other programming software. 

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