We assist manufacturing companies and technology providers to innovate and embrace digital manufacturing by interfacing shop floor level PLC and Control systems to IoT sensors and devices, data analytics and the cloud. We can bridge the gap between legacy manufacturing platforms and IoT by working with proprietary protocols, standards and 3rd party technologies. For example, this involves building solutions and capabilities that can fix issues, simulate programs, modify PLC code or undertake virtual commissioning from a remote location instead of being physically present on the shop floor.

List of services:

  • Machine Control

  • Smart Home System

  • AGV Material Handling Control System 

  • Escape the Room Control System 

PLC Progamming

Process Monitoring

& Automation

We aim to offer you our process monitoring and automation technologies to become more competitive by employing the latest monitoring and control tools for intelligent, autonomous manufacturing. Process monitoring and control systems are the key to lights-out machining, where complex components can be produced without human intervention and with increased productivity and quality.

List of services:

  • Remote Monitoring 

  • Automated Emergency SMS & E-mail Notifications

  • Automated Supervision 

  • Machine Control Programming

Prcess Monitorng and Automation

Rapid Prototyping


Custom Parts


We specialize in the production of high-quality, low-cost prototypes utilizing engineering grade plastics. With a range of technologies and services, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your prototyping needs. After the product development stage, we also provide low-volume manufacturing of 1,000+ parts. Contact us to learn more about the rapid prototyping process or send your 3D design file to us for a free quote.

List of services:

  • CAD Design

  • Parts Duplication 

  • Prototype Manufacturing 

  • Low Volume Productions

3D Printing parts