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President Obama once said, "3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything".  

Our mission is to bring a fresh wind into the 3D Printing landscape.


The BLACKBELT 3D Printer allows you to produce special and endless geometries in series production.


The BLACKBELT 3D team have developed a machine that is truly outstanding from its completely new technology in 3D printing. This patent pending machine is capable of series production, extremely long products and unsupported horizontal overhangs.

The BLACKBELT 3D is proud to announce a revolutionary new type of industrial 3D production machine, that is powerful enough to realize your ideas within a short time given and at a low cost. 


BLACKBELT 3D-Printer Desktop version 

Package Contents:
  • BLACKBELT 3D Printer supporting frame

  • Spool rack, adjustable

  • 3x Printing heads 0.4/0.6/0.8mm

  • 2x Filament spools nGen copolyester, 2.2kg

  • Power cable (220V or 110V)

  • User manual

BLACKBELT 3D Printer with roller table


Package Contents:

  • Spool rack, adjustable

  • Roller table, 9 rollers, 1.5m long

What is so special about the BLACKBELT 3D Printer?

Many components of the BLACKBELT 3D Printer have been selected from standard industrial 3D architecture, using the most established and reliable parts, which have been arranged in a new way, allowing new possibilities. 

The BLACKBELT 3D offers new possibilities that standard XYZ printers cannot deliver. New shapes are possible, meaning new design guidelines for users of the BLACKBELT 3D Printer. Here’s the first designer’s guide to using this technology.

A high-precision conveyor belt defines the new Z-Axis and print substrate, moving horizontally with every new layer. The conveyor belt is made from carefully selected and well tested carbon fiber composite, allowing the print to adhere on and to position it precisely.

The BLACKBELT 3D can build up material on the conveyor belt or on previously printed layers. The 45° slanted layering allows printing horizontal overhangs that don't require support material.

The Standard FFF technology shows that it requires support material to print overhangs. With the BLACKBELT, support material is not necessary anymore.

Still, The BLACKBELT 3D is not able to print into air. The BLACKBELT 3D must start every new geometry on the conveyor belt or onto a previous layer of the work piece. 

Why BLACKBELT 3D Printer? 

blackbelt 3d printer 2

Changing paradigms in FFF 3D printing:

BLACKBELT 3D printer brings new standards to the 3D printing industry: 

  • Interchangeable print heads

  • Industrial linear guides

  • Building volume: 340 x 340 x ∞ mm                    (13” x 13”x ∞”)

  • Print angle adjustable: 15°/ 25°/ 34°/ 45°

  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm

  • Tested materials: ABS/PLA/Co-Polyester (colorFabb XT / nGEN / HT), PETG

  • Print heads: nozzle sizes 0.4/ 0.6/ 0.8 mm come with the printer.

You can order your BLACKBELT 3D printer here.

What BLACKBELT 3D Printer Can Do? 

Large Format 


The open build volume allows to produce prints of theoretically endless length. The gantry allows building products of 
340 x 340mm 
in x and y direction. For prints of 1300mm or longer, we recommend using the roller table to provide additional support during the printing process. 



After finishing a print, the machine is instantly ready for the next part, which makes it suitable for series production of same or individual parts. Is not necessary to remove the prints manually, simply put a container in front of the printer and it will collect the finished prints.



By printing under a specific angle, it is possible to produce support-free overhangs on slanted geometry. To prevent the machine from printing in the air, some parts or designs require a starting geometry, as explained on the next page.

What BLACKBELT 3D Printer Cannot Do? 

Printing in the air – The BLACKBELT 3D Printer must start every new geometry on the conveyor belt, or onto a previous layer. Otherwise, it will extrude build material into the air, producing so called “Spaghetti”. Specific design guidelines are applicable to guarantee a succesfull print.

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